All Things Wedding Utah buy/sell/trade


1. Please only make one post for your item. Post your item with additional information including: location, price, and details. When posting, please DO NOT post an album! You can post one photo and add more pictures of your item in the comments. If you have questions about this pm me. PLEASE DO NOT DUPLICATE YOUR POSTS! 'Bump' them to the top of the page instead.
2. If your item does not belong in a wedding, DO NOT post it. If you aren't quite sure, pm me and I will let you know. If you do post non-wedding items, they will be deleted without notice.
3. IF YOU SEE ANY DOG, JOBS, WEIGHT LOSS, SUNGLASSES, OR GROCERY POSTS THEY ARE MOST LIKELY SPAM!!! If you post any of these I will delete and ban you without warning.
4. If your item sells, or your ISO is found, please delete it.
5. We have a Vendors file. If you would like your business to be added, please pm me your: Business name, contact information, what type of vendor (ie, cakes, photography, etc.), and a quick business bio. Please DO NOT edit the doc yourself.
6. If you are old enough to get married, you are old enough to act like an adult. So, please be courteous and respectful of other buyers and sellers.
7. You are welcome to bump your post every TWO days. If you bump more often, your post will be deleted.
Thank you and have fun!