cajUUUn Memes

Hello, and welcome to cajUUUn Memes, South Louisiana's very own ...corner of the UUU Universe! Here are the rules:

1. This group is for Useless, Unsuccessful, and/or Unpopular (UUU) Cajun memes only, and only memes that you made yourself.

2. Don't post more than 3 memes a day. Additional memes will be deleted.

3. No punching down. If you don't have anything nice to meme, don't meme it at all. No disparaging content is allowed, and violations will result in the users being kicked or banned, depending on the severity of the offense.

4. Don't upload memes that have already been deleted. That could result in a kick or a ban, at the admin's discretion.

5. Don't share links from other sites. Cross-posting from other UUU groups, however, is fine, so long as they're your own memes and Cajun.

6. Fighting in the comments, name-calling, instigating, etc. will get you banned. If you don't get along with someone in the group, block them. Don't let them get you banned.


Had a meme deleted that didn't violate the above rules? It may have been what we memers like to call "FROG TEA."

Frog tea describes memes that use played out images, such as the Dos Equis guy. Willy Wonka, Poo Poo Broussard, etc.

It also may have been CORRALLED. A corral happens when a certain template becomes played out and tedious. To see what's been corralled, check out the group photo albums. Corralled memes can find a home in the comments of that particular corral's photo album.


In addition, sometimes mods will delete memes for being played out, because they aren't really "Cajun", because the mods are drunk with power, or because they're jealous that they didn't think of it first.


If your meme was nuked and you want to know why, or if you've been kicked or banned, feel free to make an appeal to one of the admins via messenger. Please be patient with us, as it may take time for us to answer your question. If a mod doesn't reply for awhile, your message may have been buried in their "filtered" folder and they haven't seen it yet.


Brian Fischer (Catfisch)
Christopher LaBauve (CrawChrish)
James Wilson (Nonc James)
John Merrifield (T-John)
Kerly El Duderineaux (LeDuderineaux)
KJ Johnson (Maw Maw Kate)
Matthew Soileau (Nonc Matt)
Randy Faucheux (Parraindy)
Scotty Pippin (Taunte Scotty)
Tony Blanco (LeBlanco)

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