UWindsor Class of 2018 Social Group

This is a social group for anyone going to UWindsor in 2014!

Here's a link to the actual university page as well.

I saw there on a few other university pages so I figured i'd add it in:
Answer this questionnaire and post a picture of yourself!

High School:
Intended Major:

Favorite Music:
Favourite TV Shows:
Favourite Movies:
Favourite Food:
Favourite Video Games:
Favourite Book:
Sports You Play:

Do you party?:
Do you drink?:
Do you smoke?:
Is it okay if your roommate drinks?:
Is it okay if your roommate smokes?:

Level of Commitment:
Into Politics?:

Ever had a roommate?:
Night owl or early bird?:
Time you go to bed on weeknights/weekends:
Time you wake up on weekdays/weekends:
Do you snore?:
Any medical conditions?:
Are your grades important?:
Do you mind having people in your room?:
Do you mind having people stay over night?:
If so, how often?:

How often do you talk on the phone?:
Any unusual habits?:
Clean or messy?:
Shy or outgoing?:
Lazy or active?:
Are you going to be working a job on/off campus?:

AND please add more people to this group that you know have been accepted and have accepted their offer to UWindsor, thanks :)