Vacancies SA

Th Main purpose of the group is to :-

Help unemployed get employed.
Help employed get better employment
Help Students get Bursaries/Learnerships/Scholarships
Help Graduates Interns/In-service training etc

All this mission will be completed by each on of us sharing all types of vacancies available.

All jobs posted in the group may be from different sources of which the poster in the group may not have sufficient information about the post.

To all those who put posts which they will like to be inboxed for information will be removed immediatly, because that is unacceptable due to a number of reports of harrasments to womens. We will appreciate that you post full info in the post.

Please do not ask the poster a closing date.

If you post your personal advert or promotion of your business or a particular company, you will be permanently removed immediatly from this group.

You post to the group that you are looking for a joibs and you want to be contacted for it, we will permanently remove you from this group.

If he/she swears you, don't swear him/her back, because we will remove him/her from the group, but if you swear him/her back you will both be removed from this group.

All group members are allowed to use their home languages