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Vampire Community News (VCN) - Providing Information & News Aggregation To The Real Vampire Community Since 2008 - Psychic | Sanguinarian | Spiritual | Living Vampi(y)res.

VCN is established exclusively by and for the real vampire community (subculture/society/et. al.) for the posting of relevant news items (third-party linked content) pertaining to real vampirism and/or the modern vampi(y)re subculture.

Please refrain from posting non-vampire community news, fictional vampire subject matter, or general discussions to the wall of this group. We WILL allow discussion topics pertaining to real vampirism that are well thought out and not intentionally inflammatory as long as you seek administrator approval prior to posting. If you are in doubt about what content is permitted to be posted, please contact either Merticus (Owner/Primary Admin) and/or Isealdor (Secondary Admin) before posting. You are welcome to invite anyone you wish to join this public/open group. Please review the following three (3) rules below to ensure a more enjoyable experience:

RULE 1: We Don't Censor Or Intervene In Debates Or Heated Arguments/Discussions - We Simply Close The Thread At Our Discretion
*Do NOT violate the instructions of the administrative staff and do not attempt to block them (you are encouraged to send a friend request to the owner of this group - Merticus - to facilitate ease of future communication should the need arise). Keep your non-civilized personal disagreements or inter-personal drama contained to private messages. You WILL be removed if you choose to repeatedly cause disruptions.
RULE 2: 18+ Unless Permission Is Sought First
RULE 3: Do Not Triple+ Post On Threads In Rapid Succession

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