Vancouver Buy, Sell, Trade, Free, Awesome!!

This is Vancouver, BC Canada folks!

WELCOME! Feel free to add friends and fam from all across the mainland here to the "Vancouver Buy, sell and Free Awesome" group. Oh and a group to post your WANTED items as well. Add in your items where you're located and price, whether not they are free. Also, mention if you could deliver, pick-up only, or you can decide between yourselves on an agreed spot to meet for your transactions.

This is not a page for people to promote "How to Make Money from Home" type of stuff. Any post of that kind will be deleted. If I keep seeing posts of that kind I will delete and remove user.

Try make the transactions as painless as possible. No rules as to who gets items as that can be decided by the person who posts their items. It's about who can connect the easiest to complete transactions as quick and easily as possible.

This group is for the Greater Vancouver Area and some surrounding areas if pick ups are possible.

No rules for bumping except for wait a few days before doing so so we all get a chance to see new posts.

Delete the items that you have sold thank you. If you cannot delete put sold and I'll delete it if I see that it is sold.