Vancouver West Coast Swing Community

This group is to facilitate communication amongst the members of the West Coast Swing community as well as related communities such as Blues/Fusion in the Greater Vancouver area for the purpose of expanding our community and making it better for everyone.

Hopefully this will lead to discussions on music, style, conventions, competitions and a greater connection for everyone.

IMPORTANT: If you want to join the group, then you either must be friends with someone else in the group, or have someone in the group add you to it. If you don't fall into either of those categories (maybe you're from out of town), then private message the group admin (Greg Van Wijk) to request to be added with a sentence indicating why you'd like to join. This restriction is in place to prevent spammers from joining the group.

What is OK to post:
- Announcements about local classes, private lessons, and local and regional events related to WCS and Blues/Fusion.
- Questions about WCS in general, or about classes, lessons, and local and regional events.

What is NOT OK to post:
- Anything not listed in what is OK to post. Anything that is not listed as OK to post will NOT be accepted for posting.

Due to frequent attempts to spam our members, the admin now has to approve all postings. If you post is legitimate then you will be given permanent posting rights that will not require admin approval. If, however, your post is NOT legitimate, then your post will not be approved and you may be permanently banned from the group.