Vaping for Newbs

This is a Forum for people who know nothing about Vaping who want to know something .. or those who have knowledge they can share . NO Contest sharing , spamming , posting your juice or business with out admin approval if you do so you will be removed with out a warning. Thank any questions feel free to message Toby Adk

1. No spamming

2. Shops and FB Groups can not advertise, unless they are a Group Sponsor or have Permission from Toby Jordon or Toby ADK ,That includes contest sharing and the sharing of juice sales or new flavors and anything else from vendors.

3. Keep it as friendly and helpful as possible. We are here to help, not to criticize.

4. NO profanity or obscene comments.

5. If you have a problem with someone or something in the group, please bring it to an admins attention.

6. Trades and sales are PROHIBITED!! Due to this place turned into craigslist and people over charging and scammer we no longer allow sales or trades to be posted there are many other facebook groups that are made for that or allow it.

7. Trolls will be removed with out warning that includes post and comments.

8. If you know some one in this group Personally and they post something in here it stays in here unless they say its ok to share it! what happens in VFN STAYS IN VFN!


NOTE*** Admins reserve the right to remove you from the group without warning or explanation.