Vegan Friends and Support


Welcome to Vegan Friends. If you love vegan food, cook it, purchase it, dine out and enjoy vegan food, we are happy to delight in your posts and recipes. This group is about having fun with anything that satisfies your appetite. All vegan cuisines are welcome, all vegan recipes are welcome. And we love to help new Vegans with their questions!

Please do not judge what other vegans eat and/or why they eat it. Any new finds, let us know. But most of all please be kind, compassionate and collective and most of all enjoy yourselves. Rudeness will not be tolerated, neither will anything that is not apt or relevant to the title of this group, it will simply be removed as will the member/s in question.

Please keep your post and comments in English. Since nearly all of the members will be English speakers it's the only way that everyone can read and benefit from your post.

Affiliate links, sales pitches, products for sale and other 'money making' posts will not be tolerated. They will be deleted and the member that posted them banned immediately. The only members allowed to post products with affiliate links are the admins of the site and even then it should happen very rarely. This is a group to share and learn from each other. Not sell things.

Cartoon posts will not be accepting. We love the cartoons and memes as much as anyone. That's just not what this group is about. We are about real life. Experiences. Questions. Victories. Learning. Celebration. If your post isn't of a personal nature it will not be approved. Examples? Sure!

1. Questions about recipes, nutrition, challenges
2. Success stories, inspirational stories, significant moments in your life as a vegan
3. Food inspiration. ie, pics of what you cooked for dinner.
4. Other posts of a personal nature.

Examples of what is not accepted
1. Posts about a vegan meetup in your town. The odds of anyone in this group being anywhere near your town is slim. These will just be clutter for the majority of members.
2. Posts about restaurants in your town. Same reasons as 1.
3. Memes, jokes, cartoons.
4. "Thanks for the add" posts. I will just tell you now that you are more than welcome and we are happy you are here.

I will add to the above lists as they come to me from experience.

Any member who joins with the sole purpose of spamming the group with links to their website will be banned. This doesn't mean you can't post links to a website article or recipe. It means you can't use this group as a means to ONLY spam us with links to your site.

Let's support each other and enrich each others lives with connections, information, and some fun