Vegan Food Lovers -Recipes, Nutrition and Celebration

This is an open group for people of all stages-new, longtime, aspiring , transforming or just "flirting" with vegan food and cooking!


The focus of the group :
To inspire , educate and debunk the myths about vegan food and nutrition.
To help you and support you in your way of becoming your own nutritionist and truly listening to your body.
To help you live healthily and compassionately .

Food is your most intimate connection with Nature.

Conduct and Posting Guidelines

Just the usual really.. No bad language, respectful to fellow "Vegans" members at all times, no spamming, no shameless self promotion, and please no posts that are religious in nature (for or against).

Please note NO petitions or graphic images of animals .

DISCLAIMER: This is a group of wise and helpful supporters.. We make no claim to be medical doctors, nutritionists or dietitians.

YOU ARE VERY WELCOME HERE in your quest for knowledge, understanding, learning, sharing and support and even just pure entertainment.


We recommend that before you undertake any diet you ensure you are physically and mentally ready to do so; if you so desire you should seek your doctors or medical profession opinion and advice.