Vegans in India

This is a group for vegans, aspiring vegans and open-minded non-vegans who live in, are from or are visiting India. Veganism means NO use of animal products (or animals) whatsoever in food, clothing or any other sphere of life. Here are a couple of recommended resources to know it well:

1. Why Vegan and FAQs -
2. Practical tips for vegan living -

Also, please see 'Files' section for info on various topics like vegan websites, vegan food recipes, vegan FAQs, vegan products, animals, environment, health, etc.

Among other things, one can use this group to ask about veganism or vegan resources, and share information about veganism, promote vegan events, new vegan products or vegan-friendly places/services/companies/restaurants/hotels.

Here's a list of vegan groups in various Indian cities (They are all open not just for vegan, but for anyone interested):

NCR/Delhi -
Mumbai -
Bangalore -
Chennai -
Ahmedabad -
Pune -
Kolkatta -