Tokyo Vegan/Vegetarian Friends Club

The term "veg*n" denotes both "vegetarian" and "vegan".

You are most welcome in this group if you are vegan, vegetarian, aspiring to be, or just interested in reducing your consumption of animal products. We understand that it can be challenging to be veg*n in Japan but together we can discuss our problems and find solutions.

Please check out our Files section which has several useful documents, including a Tokyo 101. (The Files tab is just beneath the group photo, in the "More" drop-down menu.)

Current admins of the group are Raghvendra Jain, Lara Nicole and Dante Aureli.

For Tokyo Veg guides please refer to the below websites

To meet other veg*ns in the real world:

In case you are in Kansai (Osaka/Kyoto/Kobe etc):