Crafter/Vendor Shows in West Virginia

*** PLEASE READ RULES BEFORE POSTING IN THIS GROUP! *** IF RULES ARE NOT FOLLOWED YOU WILL BE DELETED FROM THE GROUP *** RULES ARE SIMPLE!! Post shows or events only. ALL posting will have to be approve by a admin. When posting an event or show PLEASE post what date, county, town or city the event or show will be taking place. *Only shows or events that are in the state of West Virginia is to be posted. All other state shows/events is not allowed including online shows. Delete or remove all posting when event or show is over. ** NO BUSINESS POSTING ARE PROMITTED AT ANY TIME IN THIS GROUP!** You may add fellow crafters/vendors to the group. But it will have to be approved by me. PLEASE enjoy all the crafter/vendor show info. Good luck with you business and or show/event. Here is the link for a group to post your business ads.