Video Gaming Hard Corps (V.G.H.C.)

Welcome one and all to Video Gaming Hard Corps™, where the voice of all types of gamers are heard. This very idea started with this Facebook Group where gamers with similar interests share news, ask questions, and arrange playdates over your online gaming service of choice. Feel free to express yourself accordingly, but never at the expense of making someone feel unwanted. VGHC does much more however than just casual interaction within this group.

NOTE: Joining solely for self-promotion will get you banned instantly. Our primary focus is discussion and interaction in regards to gaming.

We have a website that is better than ever where some of us members take things to the next level and put up various opinion pieces:

In addition to the above, V.G.H.C. has several outlets if you are interested. Updates on VGHC as a brand and Website posts can be found on our Fanpages on both Facebook and Twitter:

We entertain on our YouTube and Twitch channels and feature a weekly podcast (InRetroSpection) on the latter:

That about covers everything. Feel free to join our ongoing discussions. An idea put together by gamers, for gamers.