Vinyle Archéologie: Crate Digging & Break Excavation

The definitive pick-and-shovel mecca for crate-diggers. A living aural museum where standard, vintage, and rare breaks are regularly showcased and discussed.

The following rule will result in immediate, permanent banning if not respected. It has only been enacted to consistently, abundantly present you with the finest, truest breaks of all vinyldom.

Trust you are in the wrong group if the definition, history, and application of breaks is at all mysterious, unknown. The break idiom nevertheless permeates most genres and is typically represented in the music orchestrated, released during the 1970s with occasional representation in the late 1960s and mid 1980s. The mytho-legendary tunes discovered and rediscovered, produced and reproduced, collected and recollected by DJs and MCs past and present.

Music posted here is hence for those genuine connoisseurs, accumulators, manipulators, and purveyors of breaks as defined. This is not the forum for sharing mainstream, obscure tracks from your favorite golden-era, platinum-sounding performer or band. Nor is it an outlet to showcase, promote the current musical styling, offering of your own production or likewise that of modern-day artists labeled, unsigned.

Contributions not strictly break-inspired, turn-worthy, or sample-ready will be promptly deleted and you will be banned for recurrent postings contrary to the purpose, mission of the group. It is lastly expected, assumed your interactions with the community be respectful, courteous.

This rule will be enforced to preserve, maintain the integrity of Vinyle Archéologie.