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There are over 180 Million Internet users in the United States alone.
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ViraDyne specializes in dynamic viral marketing
most powerful form of marketing. We take it a step
customers’ products and services through our Affiliate program
Our first customer, Link180, is an internet media company that provides its users with a personalized web experience
from its website. Link180 has contracted with us to provide them with users who set Link180 as their internet
homepage in exchange for a flat fee per homepage user per month.
Our strategy is to share these flat monthly fee
The Plan uses a variety of methods to maximize the earnings potential of ViraDyne
is simple: the more successful an Affiliate is at “going viral”, the more financial rewards he/she will receive.

1.2 - Some Affiliate Strategies for Marketing Link180

Things that will help you:

• You can’t lose! It is FREE! Tell everyone!
• Refer at least 5 people that make Link180 their Internet homepag
maintain a minimum of 5 personally referred Link180 homepage users at all times
just in case you lose one.
• Refer, Refer, Refer – The more you refer, the more money you make! Refer ev
never stop referring.
• Encourage all the people that you refer to refer others!
• Keep Link180 as your Internet homepage, customize it, and use it! When you see how cool and convenient it is
to have an Internet experience custom
• Use only our pre-approved marketing messages and materials.

Things that will hurt you:

• Not referring everyone you know and meet
• Having more than one Independent Affiliate
• Wasting time trying to get a complete understanding of the very complex ViraDyne compensation plan before
you get started. This is a big waste of time (a
people, which will make you money
• Using anything other than pre-approved marketing messages and materials
termination of your Independent Affiliate

ViraDyne, Inc. Compensation Plan
marketing. “Viral” or “word-of-mouth” advertising is widely documented as the
further and compensate people for spreading the word about our
fees with our Independent Affiliates who meet minimal qualification criteria
lan Affiliates.
! homepage. To qualify for referral rewards, you must times. We suggest you get more,
everyone you know and meet, and customized just for you, it will be easy to spread the word and make more
meet. If you don’t, someone else will! account. This will only dilute your efforts a.k.a. paralysis of analysis). Spend all of
money. You’ll learn it as you go. materials. This may lead to the suspension or account.

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