Indian Visa Application (Visa2india)

How to get appoinment date by using Ajex code How to get appoinment date by using Ajex code: I was excited when i heard that some people getting visa appoinment date by using Ajex code. but that time i had not this code. i had no enough knowledge about javascript and how to creat it. recent i collect the code through a younger brother. but he does not know how to use it, then i learn about it and finaly i got it. I dont know that it's work or not. now i want to tell you how to use it. Your Activities : Open firefox
Click reprint link
Fill the desire option with capcha
Edit India mission name (according to my video)
Change the date of Ajex code like as Copy the Ajex code
Right click and select Firebug (if you have not install as addons)
Select Console panel
Clear it and past the code
Wait for right time
And just time click RUN above where u past code
Thats it Code: DOWNLOAD Link >>>> <<<< Video Link Collect From : ‪#‎masud_rana‬ Vai