Vladimir Putin Fan Club

For those, who love and respect Russia, its people, its history, and its culture.

All members are welcome to post and comment. However posts must be on topic, spam will be removed. You may add links in your posts, but remember this is a group, not a newsreel, and thus all posts with links MUST be accompanied by original comments by the author.

This group stands for:
1. A strong and powerful Russia, free from corruption and oligarchy.
2. A close union with Russia's Slavic and Orthodox neighbours: the Ukraine and Belorussia!
3. The imprisonment of all oligarchs who robbed Russia in particular Berezovsky, Abramovich, Deripaska, Gusinky, Vexelberg and Chubais.
4. An alliance between Russia, India, Brazil and China that can challenge the American Empire.
5. We are against American intervention into the affairs of other countries, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.
6. We despise the likes of Saakashvili, and all the puppets who lead these stupid "colour coded" revolutions. We understand that these revolutions are American creation and that the leaders that rise to power as a result of these events put the interests of America ahead of their own nations.
7. We support the rights of the people of Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Pridnestroviye to independence, and if necessary, their rights to join and leave the Russian Federation at their will.
8. We demand that Russian territorial integrity be respected. There shall be no talk on who controls the Kurile Islands, Kaliningrad Oblast, Karelain Isthmus, Ivangorod, Pechory, Smolensk, Eastern Sloboda, Kuban and the Northern Caucasus. At the same time, we respect international borders and despite the expiry of the 99 year lease of Alaska, or the illegality in the transfer of Crimea and Sevastopol to Ukraine in 1954, we have NO territorial claims to our neighbours.
9. We stand for the defence of Russian people, in Russia and abroad. Despite being one of the driving forces in the economies of former Soviet republics, it is often the case that they experience some discrimination. In Chechnya as many as 250 thousand people were evicted from their homes and many killed. Abroad, we demand an end to the forced assimilation policies that is seen in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and to a lesser extent, in the Ukraine. Most of all, we find it completely appalling how the turned a blind eye to the "European" countries of Latvia and Estonia who introduced apartheid policies when Africa got rid of them. We demand that the Russians in Latvia and Estonia are given full voting rights and citizenship.
10. Irredentism is not a Russian foreign policy. Nonetheless will always be warmly welcoming relations with our traditional Slavic and Orthodox neighbours and allies - Serbia and Bulgaria. We urge the two nations to overcome their differences in disputes over Macedonia and unite their efforts to consolidate a strong Balkan Orthodox state, free from western influence. We demand the full return of Kosovo, Bosnia and Krajina to Serbia and Vardar Macedonia and Thrace to Bulgaria.