WA Japanese car community

WA japanese Car Community is a group for people that love their japanese cars and helping others with their knowledge.

Use this Page for all your japanese car related questions, and
show everyone your cars and projects. Also, you can sell, buy, swap, ask for opinions on your build, or just appreciate your fellow J mad peoples rides'.

Feel free to contact any of the admins at anytime in regards to the page,content,feedback,suggestions.the admins are:

James Preece
Kurt Draper
Mark McLeod
Charmaine Findlay-Cooper
Sayed Supa sally baydoun
John Tipper
craig smith
Bruno violanti
Jack lynn

please understand that as community anti social behavior will not be tolerated this includes but not limited too racist remarks,sexist comments,threatening others,the sharing of graphic and/or pornographic images/videos and trolling.
consistent trollers will we warned once then baned if continues

please respect peoples post and if admin feel like your only on the feed to troll youll be warned then banned if continued

we have many photos and files up so please look through these to see past events and some of the things we do.