The Official Black Jester "Sit On My Face Book" Group

Topic: Comedy.
Membership in a group has never been an indication of support of topic or subject. This is a what a like/endorsement/fan page is for. This is an option, as well, below. This is why I some times post comedy items not related to me personally, just like (in the group).

Oh Black has nothing to do with Dark Brown skin color: My Clothes, My Heart cold black heart.......

To complain about the way groups are made by FB:

Like the old groups just not deleted by face book for some fucking reason....a Comedic Alter Ego of Gölök Zoltán Leenderdt Buday, not a Wop Rock Group, Yates Character, or a Game Faq writer/MMORPG Player:
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This isn't a like page, so feel free to dislike me, hate me, like me, state indifference despite the fact indifference would mean saying nothing really. I am for free speech, post links here, I don't have to keep them here, related ones. Not russian or thai bride bullshit.

I'll add more to this intro later, just caught off guard.
*Not Black in Skin, More In Heart and Humor and Clothes, Not White by Label, I am a Magyar.