Greater Warangal - Smart City

The Government of lndia has launched an ambitious "Smart Cities ...Mission" to promote cities that provide core infrastructure and a good quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment with the application of 'Smart' Solutions'. The Government of India have identified Warangal as one of the 100 cities to participate for the smart city challenge.

In this context, the Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation (GWMC) is in the process of preparing the Smart City Proposal. The GWMC seeks valuable suggestions of the citizens to formulate the vision for the Smart City Warangal.

A strategic vision shapes a preferred future for a city. A successful vision has economic, spatial, social and environmental dimensions that reflect a city’s unique physical and cultural traits; it provides direction for the activities of the Corporation, citizens and stakeholders; and ensures that citizens, city agencies, and stakeholders are working towards those shared sub-goals. The vision statement should inspire our city’s residents and can even become the branding for our smart city.

The Smart City Advisory Forum of Warangal shall evaluate the vision statement and award the best three entries.