End Time Warriors of Jesus Christ

This is a open group for brothers and sisters in Christ to come and share the Word of the Lord, to fellowship and enjoy the company of other Christians and Christ Followers, to bring light, love and comfort to each other, to pray for all those who need the aid of our Lord, Jesus Christ, to encourage and motivate and inspire each other and be the warriors of obedience, light and faith we are all meant to be in Christ Jesus. Please do not use profanity, post any nude or immodest pictures, blaspheme the name of the Lord, use this group as a dating service or prey upon any member in this group or you will be removed from this group. This is a group for the sole purpose of worship, prayer, and fellowship of our Father God, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit! Please also no advertisements on this group page. Thanks!

God bless you all,
Bro. Paul Miller
Bro. Ramon Robles Lrc