Waterside Community Group


This group is for the residents and businesses of the Waterside area of Hampshire, specifically Hythe, Holbury, Blackfield, Langley, Fawley, Dibden Purlieu, Lepe, Calshot, Eling, Netley View and Marchwood.

The group has been created for friendly debate, chat and for the support of local business and events. The admin of the group will not tolerate defamatory or personal remarks whatsoever.

•Our group was created in April 16th 2013 – Since then it has grown at a rate of 150+ members per month (on average)

•Our mission is to be the flagship Facebook group for Waterside residents and business – we can only achieve this with our members’ help. Please get involved and use the group.

•Our events calendar lists many of the locally run events in the Waterside area. This does not include business events.

•Please enjoy the group as much as we do. Our admins welcome your feedback – that is how we improve our service to you.


Group Creator: Martin Bradbury

Group Admin:
John Greenwood, Helen Bradley Owers, Hythe Voice, Nicky Hopkins, Clair Austin, Adrienne Dowd.

•No unnecessary swearing or rude jokes

•Defamatory or personal remarks or abuse will not be tolerated – let’s keep the chat clean, and respect the opinion of others.

•No selling of personal stuff – this is not a Facebay site.

•Lost Pet notices can be posted provided the pets live in the Waterside area.

•No advertising of stuff you want to give away for free or to charity – This is not a Freebay / free-cycle site.

•Publishing of personal addresses, telephone numbers, or car registration numbers is not allowed. Neither is the naming of persons for the purpose of a witch hunt or hate campaign. these post will be deleted immediately and the offending member banned.

•Finally, No political posts, or politic's related comments - these posts will be deleted.


•Local businesses can post / bump once a week – no more. (one business per user)

•National or franchised businesses, please contact Martin Bradbury before posting. (this includes Avon, Ann Summers, Betterware etc)

Any posts that breach any of the above rules will be removed without warning. Repeat offenders will be removed from the group.