Association for Industrial Archaeology

The present phase of repairs to the site, being undertaken by NWL come to an end in a few days. As can be seen most of the scaffolding has now gone and we can once again see the magnificent 1903 Building. As you can see we still have the workman's cabin, but we have got used to seeing there. We were fortunate today to have the sons of two of our members come to site to do some work. More volunteers? So, there was a significant difference as both of these sons run their own businesses and brought their teams, equipment and experience. Ivan's son runs Clover a garden services company and he and his men, in a little over an hour, mowed and strimmed the whole of the site - a job that would have taken us a lot longer with just a couple of small mowers. Also the result was much better than we could manage, as the photo below shows. This Sunday is a workday and the engines are due some TLC. Also we have started to fill the ponds as on the July Sunday workday, we are looking to run some tests on the engines as they have been idle for some while. The Team of Volunteers try to keep things moving forward and over the months of closure have remained very positive and finally there is some light at the end of the tunnel.