Your Wedding Planner

WELCOME to my page! My name is Sandra Glurjidze and I am a certified Wedding Planner. Here is my personal message for you! So..

..Congratulations! Soon is your wedding day and you planned it already to the last detail? Have you seen yourself with loved ones, swirling the sound of music, and around the admiring glances of friends and girlfriends?

Just for that you have to control this most every little thing that you think over and during the wedding.
I mean, is not it? In the morning, just waking up, start to call up all the people you hired and control, that all goes according to plan. Then during your hair make up you're explaining to all guests and relatives how to get to the restaurant...

Arriving to restaurant, you don't see what is ordered and expected. And many small issues that arise during the wedding will also have to be up to you, the groom or his parents.

Cheerful picture, is not it? It turns out that the most important day of your life is organized for guests? And your function is to create conditions for their comfortable and beautiful vacation? No way! Don't forget that this is YOUR DAY first of all!

The solution exsists!

I guarantee:
- You will get a wedding you've always dreamed!
- You and your fiance's parents will quietly prepare for the holiday and enjoy it!
- No stress!
- Photographer, florist, restaurant, and all other services will work on all 200% and will do exactly what you wanted, I will check!
I solve all questions - Your Wedding Coordinator =)

Contact me, and LET your dream come true!