I Love Photography

We encourage you to upload your photos, make comments, ask for critique, and have fun!

Update October 12, 2013

Hello everyone! We are amazed and delighted that we have many new members requesting to join us every day. We are closing in on 9000 members soon! As with any group with a large amount of members, we will see posts that do not belong here. We go through the posts often, but sometimes we miss a few that should be removed.

Please continue to report any irrelevant and inappropriate findings by selecting the "Report/Mark as Spam" or "Report as Abuse" option located on the upper right corner of the post. This flags the post to us and we can remove them in a timely manner if they do not belong here.

Please DO NOT post advertisements, links to non-photography websites, get-together events, photos pornographic in nature, or stolen work. And please do not double-post.

Please DO post your own photos to show us your amazing work. It might be better to post the actual photo to the group rather than posting a link to the original photo, but both methods are welcome.

Let us know if you have any suggestions or recommendations.

Thanks and enjoy the photography!