We Hear/We Obey

Allah said: {The only saying of the believers, when called unto ...Allah and His messenger to rule between them, is that they say: "We hear. We obey." They are the winners.} (an-Nur, 24:51)

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Welcome to We Hear/We Obey, a discussion group based on the method of accepting the revelation as it was revealed and obeying the command of Allah without delving into questions of motive behind the rulings and beliefs.

Our method is referred in scholastic works as "taking the ẓāhir" i.e. "the apparent meaning". It does not mean the first idea that comes to one's head. Rather, the ẓāhir is only known through diligent research into the meanings of words and phrases in the Arabic language and in the context of how it appeared in the text.

If you want to learn more about the Ẓāhiri madhhab, you are welcome. But if you believe the opponents to this madhhab who say "this madhhab is extinct", then either learn the other side of the story or kindly move along. This is not a place for fitnah and we are not looking for debates. Rather, if there is a narration that needs to be verified or a request to know what the ẓāhiris say about a certain issue, please post the hadith or question and someone might respond. However, please read previous posts and comments before posting something "new", as you might find that your question has already been answered.

Lastly, please take note of these rules. Breaking any of these rules is grounds for being banned, so please be mindful of what you do in the group.

1. DO NOT use this group to call others to another madhhab. This is a discussion group for those interested in the Ẓāhiri madhhab. Anyone who comes and preaches with an aim of degrading the Ẓāhiri madhhab will be banned for inciting fitnah. This includes those who reject any of the principles of the ẓāhir, namely: the Quran and its recitations, the Sunnah and its narrations, and the Ijmaʿ of the Sahabah. Likewise, if you recognize yourself as a ẓāhiri, DO NOT misrepresent the ẓāhir by claiming it is something other than what is agreed upon in the classical definition of the madhhab.

2. DO NOT use insults or any degrading speech when addressing others in the group. The majority of members are Muslims, and Muslims must be kind and loving to one another.

3. DO NOT insult, belittle, or degrade any scholars of Islam. No matter how much a scholar may have disagreed with the stances of our madhhab, there is no reason to insult him. When refuting a scholar's opinion, do so with integrity.

4. If possible, DO NOT use poor English when posting. This group is archived elsewhere (not public), so conversations should be at a certain level of prestige.

Group administrators are (alphabetically):

İsa Koçoğlu
Lisa-Marie Smith
Miskat Saiful Islam
Musa Cerantonio

May Allah make this beneficial for everyone involved. Amin. See More