I <3 Anime

If you Love Anime, join this Group to talk about anime with all kinds of people and make friends with other anime lovers! Video games are welcome too! We play all kinds of games. All we ask of you is to follow the rules. ♨ Member Count [████████████████░░░ ░] ♨ Goal 10,000 (█ = 500) ____________________________ ____________________________ ___________________ ★☆Become a member , you have to follow some rules. And Do not forget to like our page , www.facebook.com/animerealloverworld

☆★  ☆ RULES
• Do not SPAM!  
• No Disrespecting Members.   
• No arguing or fighting, quarrelling.    
• No Links to Pornography (ecchi not allowed also).     ★
Keep It outside of group please.☆ If an Admin asks you to stop doing something, stop. Even if it is not in the rules. . .
If you dont want to follow those rules you can leave from this group.
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