Book Whores for Life

Whoring our way through life one book at a time.

This is a fan group for the blog and Facebook page A Book Whore's Obsession.

1. No SPOILERS of any kind
2. No full nudity pictures
3. No street team posts
4. No links to other blogs or their contest with out permission from the Admin
5. No spamming (This includes author self pimp posts)
6. No links to your Facebook business page (or website) with out permission from the Admin
7. No links to or posts about book pirating web sites.
8. No Gary Taylor or David Gandy - The MAIN reason for this is because both men have nude photos/videos circulating and then inevitably end up in here. Those things will get us reported and the group shut down, so we just ban them altogether. This rule is not meant as disrespect to anyone, it is simply a group-perserver. Both men have active fan pages; they will not cease to exist if they are not posted in our group. We have voted on this as a group and the consensus was to keep them both out. ♥
9. Be nice and respect others
10. No talk of Keira from the Thoughtless trilogy *shivers* All mention of Kellan will include "and his wife Kari". (kidding....ish)

As with anything there are exceptions. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to message one of us and ask.

Thank you,
Kari, Cara and Heather