Western Slope Classified Ads

It is expected that every member of the group read and follow the rules!
This is a BUY AND SELL group only. There are a lot of other groups for opinions, advice, and recommendations! This is a place to post tasteful classified ads, whether it is a business or an individual. It will be moderated to ensure it is staying positive and clean. With over 19k members, we ask you comply with the following:
- Be a part of a great community online and in person. We ask you be respectful and be polite and smile!
- If you have 5 or more pictures total posted in the group, please put them in an album or they will be deleted. You can add pictures to your album so please do not make multiple albums.
- Delete your post when your item sells
- If you block any administrator, you will be removed and banned from the group.
- Only comment on a post if you’re interested in what’s being sold. Any rude comments, giving your opinion unless asked for, or sparking a debate are grounds for removal from the group.
-If you have a question for a admin of the group, PM one or post “can an admin please pm me” and TAG one.
- Every picture (in post or album) must have a price and description on the picture(to check click your picture and the information should show up)
-You may bump your individual pictures that are not in an album once every 24 hours after you posted or your last comment. If your pictures are in an album you can bump your whole album once every 24 hours. You may not bump each picture out of your album.
**If you upload pics with no description nor pricing info, they will be deleted - No more warnings!** You do NOT have to post multiple pics of ONE item. Please post ONE pic with a detailed description.
ALL INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS WILL BE DELETED ONCE A WEEK, TYPICALLY SUNDAY. Make sure you take note of anyone you're working with, as all the information will be gone after a week. ALL ALBUMS ARE DELETED THE FIRST OFF THE MONTH, unless you update the title of your album to have the current month somewhere in the name.

TO MAKE AN ALBUM: Click on the “PHOTOS” tab, then to “Upload Photos”. This will prompt a window for you to choose your files. Choose your pictures and rename the title.
***Please go to our FILES sections for more directions on how to property post pics and make an album.***

Buyer Beware - please test and inspect all items thoroughly. Once the transaction has been made, you are now the owner.

All items must be for ALL AGES. (no hooka, e-cig or pipes/tobacco, weapons) and sorry, no more homemade food items!
We are no longer allowing Go Fund me type of posts because they cause a lot of drama.
If you have any questions... please ask! Happy buying and selling!