Wet Pets Global (Fish and all Aquatic pets )

Welcome everyone :)
We made this group for all aquatic creatures MARINE or FRESH WATER or BRACKISH,COLD WATER or TROPICAL,HYBRID or PURE,WILD or PET,RARE or COMMON,WILD CAUGHT or FARM BRED.You can post pictures and videos of FISHES, STINGRAYS, OCTOPUSES,SEA HORSES, TURTLES, LOBSTERS, CRAYFISHES, SHRIMPS, FROGS, TOADS, SALAMANDERS, NEWTS, CRABS, SNAILS, STAR FISHES, TORTOISES, TERRAPINS and any other wet pets If your pet lives in water this is the group where you can post them. We also include underwater photography and aquascaping.If you have a pond or lake feel free to share.