Women for Independence East Renfrewshire

Women for Independence was formed in 2012 to give women in Scotland a voice in the Referendum debate. We formed ourselves as equals and came together from all walks of life but with one goal in mind .. Scotland’s Independence. Despite the disappointing result on 18th September, we remain focussed on that one objective .. real democracy and self-determination for Scotland. Home Rule, Devo Max and ‘near’ Federalism ... all promised to Scotland in the last two frantic weeks of the debate. Women for Independence East Renfrewshire has evolved to ensure that those promises are kept. Scotland is a wealthy, successful country and we want every woman in East Renfrewshire to be part of our journey to help secure Scotland’s future ... and for generations to come.

Our group is a Closed Group which provides a safe environment for discussion and exchange of ideas and comment. Please be mindful when posting that your content does not contain inflammatory or abusive language, racism or religious bigotry in any form. Thank you.

Contact: [email protected]

Twitter: @wfi_eastren