What's New in Changsha?

This is a group for those who live in, or are interested in, the Chinese city of Changsha (Hunan). It is mainly targeted at foreigners who live in Changsha.

If you know of anything new in the city, from bars and nightlife to city-wide issues or social matters, please feel free to post them in here. This group is meant as a chat forum as well as a 'newsdesk' to keep foreigners informed of developments in Changsha and help us get the most of out it. I also welcome all kinds of business and social events to post in here (within reason!) but do remember that this is an 'open group' so anyone can see your comments.

Please contribute and share anything you have heard, anything you know or anything you want to ask about regarding Changsha in this group.

English must be used as the main language. Spammers will be deleted and banned and executed on the spot.

NB: no offensive/rude/political/personal tolerated and will be deleted.