What's REALLY Happening in Lumberton

Welcome to What's REALLY Happening in Lumberton!!!

What's REALLY Happening in Lumberton was created so Lumberton folks can ask questions, talk about issues, and anything going on Lumberton related!!

I'm new to Lumberton so I don't know many people, I don't know who the "important" people are, who the crazies are, or who most of you are so there's no favorites in this group!

You're posts won't be deleted just because you are talking about an issue in Lumberton. HOWEVER, if you are just out right being mean, hurtful, or bashing people, calling people names, starting crap just because you have nothing better to do with your time, then you will be warned and then banned! This isn't a drama group, there's a group for that!

People need to know what's going on in our town with out it being censored! So don't be afraid to ask questions or post in fear! I'm very fair and open. I hope this group grows to be a big and resourceful group that people are PROUD to be apart of!

I will be checking all requests to make sure they are real people, not fake profiles of people trying to start trouble!