Wiesbaden Area Homeschoolers

Wiesbaden Area Homeschoolers (WAH), is an inclusive support group for families with children who are primarily educated at home. The group serves to enrich and extend educational experiences by facilitating interactions, activities, and resource sharing among members.
Our homeschool community is a diverse one! Families walk the home education path for many reasons and each finds their own way with a unique style, methodology, and rhythm. WAH seeks to bring together all homeschool families, with the goal of fostering relationships, creating connections, and making big things possible through the power of a unified homeschool community.
One of our most outstanding characteristics is our diversity. In terms of educational philosophy, we range from families who follow structured curriculums to unschoolers, and everything in between. Some of our members cherish deeply held religious beliefs. Some follow a secular path. Either way, all respect one another. We practice tolerance and inclusion for all. This Facebook forum is open to those living in the Wiesbaden area that are currently homeschooling as well as those interested in homeschooling.
ALL NEW MEMBERS requesting access to our Facebook group will be contacted by one of our volunteer admin via private message prior to approval to join. This is to ensure a better, more focused, community experience and avoid spammers whenever possible. If you have not heard from us within 48 hours, please check your "others" Facebook message folder.
ALL MEMBERS are expected to contribute to the group in some way after an initial period of settling in and getting to know us. This is usually accomplished by hosting events but lots of other opportunities are available. If you're not sure how to help, just ask!
** Please note that NO SALES or business posts are allowed unless offering a homeschool related service. If so, one initial post is granted and thereafter can be found on our Resources page.
***Also note we respectfully request that members do not cross post to other groups or forums, as it exposes our members and trusted community. Please keep threads and discussions about our group activities and postings limited to our group's page. Cross posting from other groups will also be removed as well.