Wild Dolphin Lovers

PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: We love dolphins (and whales) in the wild. They make us giggle with delight. We love to see them from a boat or in the water. We love to swim with them in their natural habitat on their own terms. We love to hear their sounds, watch them jump, take their photos, and some of us even like to connect with them through meditations and dreams. Seeing them in captivity can make us sad.

We invite you to participate with us in celebrating the joy that is wild dolphins and whales - and hopefully a little of their joy will rub off on all of us in the process.

SHARING ~ Share your stories. Participate in the global dolphin-related meditations I lead each Spring and Fall Equinox. When you have the opportunity to see them in the wild - post your comments about it here so others can connect with them through your excitement. Post your photos and videos.

RULES ABOUT ADVERTISEMENT: The group is fundamentally NOT ABOUT SELF PROMOTION. However, because many of us on this list offer products and programs that dolphin and whale enthusiasts would enjoy, I have decided to OCCASIONALLY offer a post that allows you to advertise your dolphin and whale related offerings. ONLY place your URL and text under that post - NOT AS A SEPARATE POST on the page. We also request that if you will be utilizing this advertising opportunity, that you also participate in the group by sharing blog posts, articles, images, etc. and your insights around the cetacean conversations going on that have nothing to do with advertising.

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS ~ just don't add them without asking (people don't like that). If you have friends who love dolphins and whales and think they would enjoy what's going on here, please invite them!

I reserve the right to post whatever I want to, even if its promotional. Its my group. :)

Sending oceans of love and love of the oceans (a phrase often used by my dear friend, David J. Adams),