Wildlife Photography Club

Welcome to Wildlife Photography Club (WPC). WPC is a community of Wildlife Photographers and Wildlife Experts. The club is a space to upload and share your wildlife pictures. Best pictures shall be selected by WPC Administrators and published to our online magazine. Top pictures shall be based on likes, comments and WPC own considerations.

Rules for posting:

1. Author Name.
2. Link of their Page/Website (If Any).
3. Exif Data (Camera Settings Used).
4. Picture Location with Year.
5. Local or Scientific name (of animal, bird, insect, flower, wild cultures)
6. Brief Description about Picture (If Any)
7. Mention author name on pictures not taken by you. Internet downloaded pictures must have a caption "Source: Internet". Pictures without any author name or reference shall be considered as shot by the uploader himself/herself. As such, the uploader shall itself be held responsible for any copyright violations.

Note: Wildlife includes pictures of animals, birds, insects, flowers and wild cultures. Any content other than "Wildlife Photography" shall be removed immediately. Spammers shall be blocked permanently.