Wilson Endurance Club (wil.tri)

Wilson Endurance Club - Wilson, NC
Thank you for your interest in the Wilson Endurance Club (wil.tri) and welcome to our public FB Group Page!

We are a group of individuals who like to participate in all different activities. We have many members who like to focus on an individual activities, some who like to group 3 of these into a single event (triathlon) and others who like to run a really, really long time!

Basically we are swimmers, cyclists, runners, mountain bikers, trail runners, kayakers, etc … that race and train at all different levels. This group was formed with the common love for our community and to push each other to the next level. We are not here to exclude anyone, in fact we want to encourage those considering any type of endurance activity to join. Who knows, maybe you can bring a new sport to the group!

Upcoming marathon or 5K, want to get comfortable in an open water swim, ready to tackle a 20 mile bike ride, want to learn how to run on trails or bike them? These are perfect reasons to join our wil.tri club!

Annual membership dues are required to join the wil.tri club (prices vary: Individual, Couple and Family). New members will receive: a club tech shirt, 2 club decals, discount cards to local sports and bike shops, and acceptance into our private Facebook group page.

The private page provides information on upcoming training sessions, discounts on races and merchandise, as well as, an opportunity to know which races wil.tri athletes are participating in and a sense of comradeship. We look forward to you joining us.

For those of you who would like to join wil.tri the online membership application is available here: http://wiltri.com/application.html

Please post any questions you may have about joining.