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Welcome to the World's biggest and best Microsoft discussion gro...up on Facebook!

Our aim is to promote discussion of anything about Microsoft's hardware and software and to try and help in solving any issues our members might have.

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The group's achievements:

1) The largest Windows+ WindowsPhone + Microsoft related group on Facebook.

2) We have held giveaways worth more than $500.

3) Managed by smart and cooperative Admins.

4) Comprised of extremely helpful members.

5)Ask for xap/appx file of any game or app from windows store, we will give you the link to download it using browser.

6) Known developers and companies are also a part of this group, MyAppFree for example.

7) We have played a major role in bringing the following apps to Windows Phone after a month of social protests and campaigns-

>Candy Crush Saga
>Opera Mini
>State Bank of India

8) Follow to stay up-to-date with whats cooking in the Microsoft universe.

1) Spamming is strictly prohibited. Sharing autolike links can result in a permanent ban!

2) Preferably English and Hindi/Urdu should be used as a majority of group members are familiar with these languages.

3) Members are not allowed to advertise their webpages or websites, directly or indirectly.

4) Members are requested to refrain from using link shortened such as Adfly and the like.

5) Strict action will be taken against members who unnecessarily argue and disrespect Admins/Members.

6) Members insulting fellow members on the basis of religion, gender, race etc will be awarded with a permanent ban.

7) Off-topic screenshots or posts will not be approved.

8) Please provide an official source when posting news.

9) Developers can share their app/games in the group twice a week.

10) A healthy discussion related to Microsoft in comparison with other OS is encouraged however, a pointless fanboy ( on both side ) post or a non-Windows related post will not be approved and will be removed if found. However, discussion about MS apps on Android and iOS is permitted, except that pointless arguments will be removed.

11) Sharing of pornography in any form is prohibited.

12) Members are not permitted to act on behalf of the Admins.

13) Links to pirated games/software or sharing of instructions for pirating games/software is forbidden.

14) Please do not hijack another person's post to solve your own problem.

That sums it up ;)

Group B'Day - 13th June 2013

Thank You!

-Group Admins! :)

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