Windy City Trickers

Welcome to the Windy City Trickers! If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask and please post videos of yourself so we can help each other improve!

Keep an eye out for open gym and grass sessions. Most of us will usually post when/where we'll be tricking, so check the page often!

If you're posting about a special event, please mention specific dates. You can still say "tomorrow," "next week," etc., but please add a date! This makes it easier to figure out when it's happening or if it has already happened. And let a group administrator know if you would like it pinned to the top of the group's wall.

Some useful resources:

- If you're looking for a place to practice, check out the open gyms we normally meet up at (we train at gymnastics facilities to avoid injury):

- If you're confused about a term or move, here is Club540's tricking dictionary of terms:

- Finally, here are our beginner's tips for becoming the best tricker you can be:


Train hard, play hard. Let's trick!