Social media + wine

Wine and food are social (and increasingly, digital). This is an open group, for those interested in the use of social media and digital in engaging wine and food lovers as part of a marketing strategy, and other areas of direct marketing, consumer engagement etc.

If you are a wine (or food) maker, marketer, new media or techie, or other like-minded person who wants to learn and share about social media, marketing (including DTC) and wine, please join us.

You're free to post and share your experiences and questions about social media, DTC and marketing of wine, food and related experiences.

NOTE: This is not the place to advertise your or your clients' wines, books, restaurants, events, food, blog, promotions, etc; if you must, and if they are relevant, you can post them on the Fb page below, which IS consumer oriented.

This group was established in Australia by Robyn Lewis (founder If you are a wine, food and/or travel lover, you might like to see/post your news and events on the Visit Vineyards page as well:

Whilst the group is Australian-centric, there are lots of international members also, and we encouraging the sharing of ideas, tech etc that will assist the wine and food industries wherever you are, as we all face similar challenges.

Thank you for visiting and please feel free exchange ideas, so we can all learn and try to keep up with this rapidly changing social media, digital and direct marketing space together! Cheers - Robyn