Winslow AZ Yardsale on Facebook

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NO CLOTHING! Clothing and shoes has its own page:

We allow this page to double as a community page since we have so many members. Feel free to post events.

Please DELETE your own post when your item is sold or event is over.

If you are on a smartphone and the post is so old you cannot find it, you will need to get on FB on your BROWSER (not your app) and use the search feature. It is a little magnifying glass.

LOCAL at-home businesses can post here.

Including a description with your photo helps people find what they're looking for when they search for certain key words.

No drug paraphernalia, no bootleg DVD's, or explicit content . No obscenities or profanities tolerated. No badmouthing people.

Also feel free to post "wanted" items as well. ISO means "In Search Of."

Admins are not responsible for checking recall status on baby items or health of animals needing new homes.

NEW CITY LAW: Animals transactions MUST take place at your HOME- not on public property. It is ok to post family pets needing new homes, but not people who seem to be breeding and selling for profit. We recommend that you ask a small re-homing fee to ensure that responsible people are adopting your animal. A real animal lover will know why and comply. If you are posting too many animals, we reserve the right to delete your posts.

Can't find something you posted? Get on your computer and go to the "photos" tab. That can make it easier to find your post. There is also a search bar. That is a good reason to make your posts descriptive so you can find them later to bump them.