Walk in Wardrobe Mens

Welcome to WIW, (please continue READING)

********Important for new members*********

***** important notice about scammers*****
Please try and avoid using shipping methods and online transactions with people you don't know. try for pick-ups. however, if you are going to; do some research into the person you're buying from, i.e. amount of friends, the privacy of their page, pictures etc.


--All goods that are reported stolen will be removed from the wall and a ban will be issued.

--Over 18 or explicit images are not permitted within WIW.

--The sale/s of drugs, alcohol and tobacco are not permitted within WIW.

--Threats and abuse will not be tolerated within WIW.

--Only genuine buyers can comment, It will be Upto the seller to report any problems.

--Wanting to do business in WIW Group Please message the Admin

--Raffles will not be accepted.

--Plate and tag posts and comments are not acceptable.

--4 bumps per hour "MAX".

--Please do not post the same post twice unless you have surely lost your post.

--Fake accounts will not be accepted.

--All members must abide by facebook community standards.

**Disclaimer: Walk in wardrobe is not eligible for all trades made.
**Rules will be taken SERIOUSLY from now on and our apologies for the delay :)

Thanx for reading