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The WMBW is the most prestigious online beauty competion in the world. The 3 winners each month are featured as the group photo for the following month.

With over 13000 members (group and page) that means potential exposure to 130,000 friends and 1.3 million friends of friends. You have the power of social networking at your fingertips if you use Facebook to advertise yourself and encourage people to vote for you.

What monetary prize can beat this kind of exposure to enhance your career as a model. It's a title that will enhance your opportunity to take the next step in your career by marketing yourself through your personal facebook site and through this group.

No other online competition in the world carries the mighty sound of The WORLDS MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN. Through the power of social networking, in conjunction with a group that dedicates itself in providing the exposure that you need to grow your career as a model. The WMBW is the premiere home for aspiring beauties looking for a way to attain maximum exposure!