Promote Facebook Page Free (WMI)

Free Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page?
Now that you have your Facebook page created and its content set up, time to start promoting it. After all, your goal is to have as many page likes as possible so your wedding business can communicate its messages to the Facebook community.

The most important thing is to encourage brides to interact with your page actively, so that other people you’ll attract to your page can see that you have an active community.

Here are some really simple things to do that will build an initial Facebook like base:

Invite your Facebook friends to like your page - They may not always be exactly your target audience, but they’ll surely be useful because they’re more likely to comment and interact with a page of someone they personally know.

Send emails to your company employees and your friends – Invite them to like your page, post something on your Facebook page wall and comment on your posts.

Put a link to your Facebook page in your email signature - This will encourage all who receive emails from you to like your Facebook page.

Yes, this is a small list but this particular stage is all about building your initial audience. You’ll want to continue other marketing efforts after you’ve done these three easy steps. We’ll create future articles that go in to more depth later.

Just remember, it’s important to engage this initial audience from the start because it will set a tone for future marketing success.