Seekers of Orthodoxy: the Search for the Early Christian Church

This group welcomes all who are embarking on finding out the truth about the Early Christian Church, seekers of Christian Orthodoxy as well as full members of the Orthodox Church (we invite members from both EO and OO). To date, there are +41,000 denominations all claiming to know the Truth, but their claims do not coincide always and fully with the claims of the other denominations. And what's more important, their teachings do not all coincide with the teachings of the Early Christian Church, who closely protected the teachings of the Apostles, even at the cost of death.

Many of us who come from a non-Orthodox Christian background hunger to know how it is that the Early Church lived. We hunger to know the history of the Early Christian Church from its inception all the way through its course of history. We hunger to understand how the Early Christian Church functioned, and her relationship with God though the centuries.
Maybe it has been your own personal experience that you find no satisfaction in the teachings of your non-Orthodox Christian denomination. Maybe you have come to realize that your leaders' teachings do not seem to fit the frame of the Bible. Or perhaps in your own church setting, you find that it is lacking deep historical content, subject to personal interpretation of Scripture. Quite simply, you want to discover the Truth, historically and theologically sound.

This group was designed for non-Orthodox Christians (although people from all walks of life are also invited to join) who are interested in discovering Christian Orthodoxy. We invite you to share your personal experiences, to share with us what you are discovering, to ask questions, to help each other find out more about the Early Christian Church. We also welcome clergy and laity from Orthodox Christian congregations, and we strongly encourage you to share and contribute to the discussions, contending for the faith. In all, this group is to help discover and establish sound knowledge on the Orthodox Christian Church, the Church that was founded by the Lord Jesus Christ.

1. No profanity.
2. No attacking members or administrators.
3. No overstepping the boundaries of Traditional Christian Orthodoxy.
4. No engaging non-Christian Orthodox views on this group page (i.e. views that are deemed as heretical).
5. Please post only in English so that we can all understand what is being posted.
6. No advertisement of sales, products, or business-related endeavors.

Anyone who doesn't follow the rules, administrators will go case-by-case, depending on the severity. Anyone who *continually* expresses views that are contra-Orthodox and tries to enforce such views over Orthodoxy shall be asked to leave the group.

Thank you. We hope to be a source of support for all who pass through here!

God be with you.