Women Bike PHL

Welcome to the Women Bike PHL Facebook group!

-This forum is moderated by me, Katie Monroe of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia's Women Bike PHL program. Our goal is to inspire more women to ride a bike and support and encourage them along the way with rides, workshops, and social events. To see upcoming official Women Bike PHL events, check out the "Events" tab at the top of the page.

- In the interest of creating a safe space in which women's voices are prioritized and women feel comfortable sharing things they may not feel comfortable sharing in mixed-gender spaces, this group is *for women-identified people only* - I do my best to screen requests and if someone feels that their rightful place in this group has been denied, I welcome conversation about this policy and how it is carried out.

- This is YOUR space. Everyone in here is encouraged to post their questions, advice, events (as long as they are bike-related, women-related, or both!)... it's a forum for you all to share. Want to find a riding buddy to practice your new commute with? Ask. Have a bike you want to sell? Let us know! If something isn't appropriate for the forum, I'll let you know.

- Remember that the magnifying glass in the upper right corner allows you to search all previous posts - you might be able to find your answer there if someone has posted a similar question before!

Newbies -- or lurkers -- feel free to introduce yourself in the comment section!! So proud of this community we are building/expanding. It's an honor to have you all here.