Better Women's Network

Better Women's Network (BWN) is for like minded women joining to...gether for one reason - "Make Money From Home" and we all have our BIG WHY - each of us will have a different one but each are equally important.

Is this you?
*You are dedicated to the cause (to make money for you and your family from home) but are also still not quite making it the way you want to be making it!
*You are a little bit sick of being out there in FB land messaging and posting in groups and would prefer to be offering support and friendship to other women JUST LIKE YOU...
*You would like to feel secure that every month you will be paid for your efforts and the same would happen for all the women you were helping.

If that is you, please do join our group. This group will give you all the resources you need to make your DREAMS come true and all you need to do is tap in to what we have on offer.

All the women in this group are JUST LIKE YOU and we are all about sharing the love with women just like us.

So settle in, and tell us a bit about you:
What do you want to do with your work from home business? Do you want full-time, part-time or a hobby on the side?
Do you prefer sharing your products or do you like talking to others about how they can have a real income from home, using Facebook to build a business?

- This group is for women who are already in a Network Marketing/MLM, but are NOT making enough money or having enough success.
- We want to introduce you to our success-plan and that involves you getting your own free spot in our team, watching it grow and making our business, yours.
-Not a place to post your business and to try and recruit in to your business. That isn't the POINT of this group because if you are doing that, then you won't have the support of our wonderful women and the option just to "share this group" with others.

Hope that makes sense! If not, and you are unsure, before posting, please message me first. Spam cannot be tolerated and you will be removed from the group and your post deleted. Sorry to sound harsh, but it is not fair to the other girls in this group who have followed the rules.

Lots of success to you, in whatever you choose to do!

Founder, Better Women's Network