Columbus-Women's March on Washington

This is a group to help organize those in the Columbus/Central O...hio region interested in joining the Women's March on Washington.

The March will start at the Abraham Lincoln Memorial and end at The White House. Its focus is to demonstrate our strength, courage and unity and send a message to Washington and the new administration that the hateful rhetoric of this campaign cycle will not be tolerated. Furthermore, that we will stand together to fight against any and all racism, bigotry, misogyny, and discrimination of any kind.

This is a grassroots effort and is being built from the ground up based solely on the common goal of our cause. Please stay tuned as we aim to keep everyone as up-to-date as possible on where we are at in the organization process of this huge undertaking. Be on the look out for volunteer opportunities, meetings and fundraising events near you!

Thank you for joining our historic project. We appreciate your support!