Woodland Hills, CA

This Group is intended for people living/working within Woodland Hills, CA or one of the immediate adjacent townships. If your information cannot be verified, you will NOT be added. If you would like to be added and meet these minimum requirements, please send a "Private Message" to David Emanuel the administrator of this group.

This Group has been created to allow people from Woodland Hills, CA and our neighboring communities a place to go and ask questions, keep our neighborhoods safe, and bring local businesses together.

Please be aware that the administrators of this page, (David Emanuel) reserve the right to delete any comment or anyone's membership if they feel that the member has posted something that is not in the best interest of the community.

Membership is granted to those people who have a connection to Woodland Hills, California. If your Facebook page does not indicate that you live in or near Woodland Hills, California, feel free to message one of the Admins to state your interest in our group.

1. There shall be no disparaging comments about any person's race, creed, color, nationality, disability, or sexual orientation.
2. There shall be no comments attacking another person. If you disagree with someone's position on a topic, be polite & give your opinion without profanity.
3. This group is shared by members of all faiths and by members with no religion. Please do not proselytize.
4. This group supports local businesses. Members are permitted to make a REASONABLE number of posts to advertise or recommend local businesses in and around Woodland Hills.